Solution to the Time and Money Dilemma

Today I would like to introduce you to an interesting and innovative project    MYCRO JOBS    “Time is money,” we said. But how often do we not have enough time for simple human pleasure, whether it’s recreation with friends or stupidity with children, traveling or gardening. And how often do we not have enough money for this pleasure? How can I combine time and money without forgetting myself? This is   where MYCRO JOBS comes to us    .  MYCRO    is an intuitive mobile application to use. Simple jobs in the short term can be placed directly on the MYCRO  network for free. Using intelligent algorithms and self-learning known from platform dating,   MYCRO matches these tasks on time with the right jobber. He does the work. One person has time, another money.

Time connects us all, regardless of our background or social rank. Limited time. Limited time. We cannot refund or extend time. In today’s world, our time is largely controlled externally. Time is controlled by our work, our clients, our social obligations. Therefore, we believe that everyone in this world has the right to control his time. Our vision is to exercise this right. For this reason, we will create a balance between time and money.

We will create the same network globally and decentralized for simple work. People all over the world must choose what they do, when and for whom they work and what is the value of their time. Our mission is to give everyone access to this opportunity, regardless of whether they are from a village in Vietnam, a suburb of Berlin or from the center of Manhattan. Source:   wants to solve serious problems in the community. Through a peer-to-peer network for simple work, they give people control over their time and money balance. During   ICO, a  maximum of 100,000,000    MYO   will be made. Softbank will be reached at the level of 3.5 million euros.


The Mobile application will be available for  Android & iOS versions  .

The dashboard will have an easy to use interface and can only be accessed via mobile just for posting and also looking for work.

Mycro Network

Overall, the mycro network consists of the following components which make it one of the best decentralized networks to maintain a balance of time & money balance. These components are as follows:

Market Potential

According to a study conducted by  McKinsey

The percentage of casual workers in the US is generally 30% or more. while, some time ago, the Freelancers Union and Upwork published a study which showed that 35% of the US workforce had been freelancing

part time or full time and assume that with ** increased digitalization and liberalization, this 30% percentage of casual workers can also be reached in other regions.

Token Design and Function:

Token Distribution:



In Nutsell: The Concept of This Project Is To Provide Free Time And Extra Money To People So That They Can Work As They Wish And Spend More Time With Them Closer And Dears Instead Of Spending More Than Half Of Life There Are For Some Pieces With Coins That Only Need Essentials that can be fulfilled.

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Username: Thesaga

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