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INDDAIS is the first step in building the INDDAIS ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency market is improving every day, with many investors having access to the platform. So what are cryptocurrencies? And what is INDDAIS TOKEN? There are also famous ones like Defi, Skifi, Doge and so on.

But a new blockchain emerged and made waves to the market with great power. The question is; Will sTokens and other trading Blockchains provide real impact of security features to investors and traders? The answer to this dilemma is no! And the only solution to this Problem has been solved by initiation

Security Based Tokens are a unique form of cryptocurrency that is in high demand. Usually to represent a stake in an external asset or company.

Inddais is a community-based, high-principle cryptocurrency that aims to provide transparency in profit distribution by integrating timed yield fields and liquidity-locked smart contract vaults in its ecosystem. Inddais is the first cryptocurrency of its kind that empowers you to experience the highest power of blockchain technology by providing transparency, security and simplicity. We do not adopt risky market trading or crypto exchanges for profit, Inddais token is fully backed by mining which we have implemented worldwide loaded with high configuration tools and customized high performance software applications from our years of research and development.

Your investment in Inddais token does not have to face market luck or risk to continue to grow as it is fully backed by the best technology foundation we have laid. In this way, crypto users don’t have to be afraid of market conditions, by holding Inddais tokens, any crypto investor can navigate all kinds of market conditions safely.

What is a Security Token?

A security token is a digital, liquid contract for any fraction of a token that already has value. They can be real estate, cars, or company stock.

Security-based tokens are digital forms of traditional securities that live on the blockchain. These traditional types of securities can be Equity, Dept, or a combination of Dept and Equity. This implies that, investors can expect their shareholdings to be maintained on the blockchain. They are digital forms of traditional securities that live on the blockchain.

How does it work?

Farm and vault contracts complement Inddais tokens where token holders are required to seed their tokens on the farm to receive their share of the profits stored in the vault.

Dividend Vault — Contract Inddais Dividend Vault (dINIS) is a place to transfer income generated from our business activities and which is further distributed among INIS token holders

Total Supply & Limits — The total supply of native tokens (dINIS) from the vault contract is one hundred tokens (100 tokens), which represents the percentage of the total used when calculating the user’s share of the vault’s BNB balance. There are only two holders of DINIS tokens, one is the Owner, and the other is the Farm. Owner transfers all DINIS tokens to Farm before Season Start

Dividend Payment- Whenever the contract receives a transfer request from the Plantation, it multiplies the amount of dINIS requested by the contract’s BNB balance and divides it by the total balance of the Garden’s dINIS. The contract then transfers the amount of BNB arriving based on this calculation to the Farm. The final beneficiary of the transfer from the vault is the Inddais user who has seeded his token in the Farm and requested to harvest the Proceeds.

Dividend Payment = (BNB Vault X balance of requested dINIS tokens) / dINIS Agriculture balance

Seeding & Harvesting — Users deposit (seeds) INIS tokens on the farm to receive dividend vault tokens (dINIS) as bonus (yield). The vault contract calculates the BNB equivalent value of the dINIS yield based on a set dividend payout formula and transfers the BNB when the user makes a request to withdraw the yield (harvest) from the Farm. The number of INIS tokens seeded by the user, the total seed created by all INIS users, and the duration of the token seed (calculated in seconds) in the farm are factors used to calculate the user’s net yield

INDDAIS TOKEN and other security based token providers are very experienced in Real estate business and investment. Investors over the years have enjoyed wealth growth which is credited to INDDAIS TOKEN’s investment management capabilities.

Profits are earned when buying assets and not when selling. Understanding how this market works and how to best profit from it is what INDDAIS TOKEN has to offer its investors.

INDDAIS TOKEN investment areas include;

Venture capital-physical assets, real estate, and digital assets.

INDDAIS TOKEN feature as a security token

The INDDAIS TOKEN security token has important and best features for investors. Its features include:

(1) The INDDAIS TOKEN token is backed by real assets, offering opportunities for diversity, inflation hedges and large potential returns. As an investment asset class that includes real estate, it provides an inherent physical value as a tangible advantage. Investments can also be used to stake and advance residential real estate.

(2) Having an investment strategy of holding real estate that earns and buying it at a lower price protects investors from fluctuations in housing prices, flipping for good returns.

(3) They hold NFT by buying it at the current base value which in the long run becomes a fortune fortune. And tokens can be exchanged for other crypto assets. The best platform for NFT token farming. This gives holders a better use of their assets.


INIS adds value to your crypto portfolio by delivering impeccable transparency, liquidity and prosperity.

Placed on top of the BNB Chain

INIS is bound by the BEP-20 standard and is in the BNB chain known for its scalability, speed and security.

Transparency Delivered

The underlying smart contract stores all transactions that change state without exception to ensure transparent tokennomics.

Inbuilt Sales Facility

We understand the changing financial cloud, and therefore when needed, you can directly exchange some of your tokens for BNB coins.

Futuristic Implementation

Incentive burning function and top cap mint function will enable us to control inflation or deflation efficiently.

Locked Liquidity

We have restricted access to funds in dividend-holding contracts to yielding agricultural seeds to ensure a fair distribution of profits.

Simple Yield Farm

The profit from a yielding farm is directly proportional to the growing vault balance, the number of tokens seeded, and their duration.


And thus, we have included an effective burning function for token holders who wish to give ownership of their Inddais tokens. The compensation displayed for the token burning transaction will be sent to your wallet after the burning is complete. For more information on how the burn function works, please read our whitepaper. You can always use our authorized sale or exchange facility to liquidate your tokens.


Yield farming is an integral part of the Inddais ecosystem where the purpose of purchasing Inddais tokens is met. We have included the dINIS verifiable dividend vault where we will continue to add to the profits generated from our business activities and you get access to the funds in the vault by seeding your Inddais Token. Your share depends on the number of tokens you seed combined with the number of days you didn’t touch them.

We Build Crypto Mining Farms Globally
We don’t limit ourselves to providing hashpower for mining cryptocurrencies. Our mission involves researching specialized equipment, efficient mining software for various algorithms and energy efficient methods to create a decentralized economy, a possibility for anyone and everyone.

A transparent and decentralized environment to benefit from blockchain evolution.
A simple but efficient program to ensure access to crypto finance in its original form to everyone around the planet.
Actively engage in practices that incorporate efficient methods to save energy without compromising the security and availability of any blockchain network.

The advantages of INDDAIS TOKEN compared to other Security Tokens

INDDAIS TOKEN security tokens and other security token providers offer the following advantages:

(1) High-yield USDT deposit to investors from the profit-reward pool and the PA + INDDAIS TOKEN 13% bonus. And allows investors to choose between plans to deposit USDT for three months, One year, or two. It supports crypto wallets and payments for deposits and withdrawals. Offers deposit bonuses and a 5-tier referral system.

(2) Mining yield of INDDAIS TOKEN tokens: This gives investors the opportunity to decide whether to deposit and mine INDDAIS TOKEN tokens (BEP-20) for 7 days, it can be 14 days or 30 days. Supports payments for deposits and withdrawals and crypto wallets too.

(3) The INDDAIS TOKEN Portfolio increases the portfolio of investors in INDDAIS TOKEN, BNB, BTC, ETH and other popular tokens, this helps to increase their investment returns and reduce the risks associated with the portfolio. Fund deposit can be done using bank deposit and buying INDDAIS TOKEN, BNB, BTC or ETH, other popular tokens can also be used. Fast and easy to use and also promotes the purchase of Gift cards via crypto.

Inddais Token Flow is as Simple as Rocket Science

Every token you buy will supply additional hash power to our mining farm. For this contribution of yours, we transfer 40% of the total daily mining yield to the dividend vault distributed on the blockchain (dINIS). The only key to gaining access to the funds in the vault is none other than the tokens you hold. All you have to do is sow your tokens at Inddais Farm and continue to harvest crypto yields. The farm calculates your share of the vault balance based on the number of tokens you have seeded on the farm and the number of days you have kept them.

Selling tokens is not Inddais’ main job. We issue tokens to get a financial boost so we can stay ahead of the crypto mining race and make the most of it. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t get anything without a token sale. And that’s why you don’t see eye-catching ads or fancy ROI promises here. We are not “GO TO MOON GUYS” and are happy with the steady growth we have at BUMI. So, people who contact me for Marketing or Promotion, please have a clear presentation. But before all that, feel free to visit my website, video presentation, whitepaper, and articles on our sub-reddit. If you feel INDDAIS deserves to be promoted and if you believe you can make a difference in spreading the word, I’m open to discussing @amvlive and waiting for GOOD IMPRESSION. If not,

Further information:

Username: Irshan

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